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Jumat, 19 Februari 2010

Back Track 4 on USB with persistent changes – bootable BT4 USB stick

If you want to have Back Track 4 on USB with persistent changes and want to make it bootable USB with linux just follow the instructions in the article How To:
“Make bootable USB to save changes – Back Track 3 on USB with persistent changes“. The instructions are the same for BT4. (By the way, this post is written for my personal use with a help I found somewhere online, I post it here to show my hardware compatability).

To make BT4 bootable with persistent changes I used 2 USB sticks. The first to launch Back Track (BT2,3 or4) without any changes and the second to prepare and make all changes in linux for my Back Track 4. I used 2 USB sticks because it is easier.

Well, when you finish Step 5 you will need to follow the instructions below:

Let’s say we have a formatted second partition, mount it and create a changes directory in the root of the file system. Open shell and execute these commands:

    mount /dev/sdc2 /mnt/sdc2
    cd /mnt/sdc2
    mkdir changes

Don’t forget that it can be sdc2 but not sdb2. It depends on your computer and configurations. If you use 2 USB sticks there should be sdc2. next we will make some changes to how the system boots. Now execute these commands:

    cd /boot/syslinux
    chmod +Xx lilo
    chmod +Xx syslinux

Then you need to open syslinux.cfg and modify it. To do that execute the commands:

    cd /mnt/sdc1/boot/syslinux
    kwrite syslinux.cfg

I copied the boot definition I wanted to change and created a new entry so I would have a fall back option if something became broken. well, in the file find:

1. “LABEL BT4″

2. Copy this line and next 3 lines and paste all these lines below existing 4 lines. Well, now we have the same 4 lines. Our new section.

3. Change the “LABEL BT4″ to something you want like “LABEL BT4-persistent” and description to something like “MENU LABEL BT4 Beta – Console – Persistent”.

4. Now we need to change the line that begins with APPEND in your copied section by adding “changes=/dev/sdx2″ immediately after “root=/dev/ram0 rw” where the x is the drive appropriate for your system. In my case it looks like this, “….root=/dev/ram0 rw changes=/dev/sdc2….”. Remember that you need to add “changes=/dev/sdx2″ after “rw” and remove the last word that goes after “rw”. I think there should be “quite” or something similar at the end of the line. Just delete this word.

5. Save your changes and exit the editor.

That should work fine now. Reboot and select the option you setup configured. To test it, create a file and reboot again. If your file is still there, everything is perfect. If you follow all instruction step by step you won’t have any errors.

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