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Minggu, 17 Januari 2010

TCP/IP protocols

Networking is divided into variety of protocols like

  1. SMPT -: simple mail transfer protocol
  2. UDP -: user datagram protocol
  3. TCP/IP -: Transmission control protocol/internet protocol
  4. FTP -: File transfer protocol
  5. GTP -: Gateway discover protocol
  6. HTTP -: Hyper text transfer protocol
Amongst all these, TCP/IP protocol are highly used protocols. There are basically seven OSI (Open systems interconnection) layers, where the TCP/IP routes under transport layer which is the forth layer in OSI system model.

TCP/IP is a set of communication protocol used for running internet and other similar networks. These are only the first protocols defined in these standards. Today’s IP addresses are completely based on these set of protocols. The internet protocol like other protocols are a set of various layers built in together to run a particular application. The internet protocol set came out from the work done by (DARPA) Defense Advanced Research Project Agency in eary 1970’s. It was soon developed after building up the set for ARPNET. The TCP is at the central and the core of networking whereas IP as a job of handling the lower-level transmission of computer networks. Besides networking it also handles the e-mail and file-transfer services.
The TCP/IP is basically bound together because, if incase the IP loses some packets at the time of packet transmission the TCP finds these errors and detects them to recollect the respective packets and make its working effective and efficient. These days IP’s are used which are known as IPv4 i.e IP version 4 consisting of 16 bits, however no sooner IPv6 are going to be launched. There a IP conflicts being committed in public networks hence there is an introduction of IPv6. The detailed story of LAN connections with the help of TCP/IP will be shown in my next article.

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